Service Trading company deals with the sale and development of products with special focus on frozen pastry and bakery products from the Czech Republic and across Europe.
We provide sales, warehousing, logistics, transportation, business representation, collaborative development of bakery products and all related services across the entire market.
It is a pleasure to offer you a comprehensive business service and expand cooperation to the maximum mutual satisfaction. Contact us via the contact form.

Společnost SERVICE TRADING s.r.o.

is a company with years of experience in sales, development , production and purchase of bakery, confectionery and non-perishable food products . TRADING SERVICE Company is focused primarily on the distribution and sale of frozen bakery products:

  • pre-baked
  • defrosted without the need of baking
  • packed in a protective atmosphere
  • non-perishable

In this context, we actively cooperate with major trading companies primarily focused on the retail sale of durable bakery and frozen products. The strength of the company are plentiful business contacts and knowledge of the consumer market in the whole country . This kind of cooperation is always based on mutual trust , reliability and correctness. Excellent business results demonstrate our company’s data customer surveys and monitoring , which are necessary to obtain the current consumer needs.

We know what we stand for

With regard to knowledge of the local retail market with frozen bakery products , the company SERVICE TRADING s.r.o. focuses on negotiating commercial terms , sales support , as related specifics.

The advantage of our company is quick action, immediate decision-making skills and feedback. We use a simple business practices that ensures success. Our goal is together with manufacturers and dealers to create a perfect product, that will be appreciated by final customer.
Service Trading Company and its employees always act openly, honestly and in order to find the best solution for all participants.
We are one of the few companies that offers an individual approach formed to meet the requirements manufacturer, dealer and end customer. We offer to our partners complete sophisticated individual solutions to minimize operating costs and maximum benefit for all parties.
Our aim is not to take charge of the production of purchased products. We guarantee simple agenda and extremely flexible approach to problem solving. We thus provide exclusive representation of your products throughout the Czech Republic, which significantly eases the administrative demands of your supplies and greatly simplifies the process of accession negotiations, not only on the level of sales, but also distribution.