We offer our customers a comprehensive range of bakery and confectionery products according to their needs and setting. Our advantage is the ability to create any product based on customer’s request. Thus we are able to ensure the uniqueness of the product, exclusivity and offer unlimited range of bakery products.

Below is the menu of a selected range offered by SERVICE TRADING.

A) Frozen bakery products intended for browning or thawed

Bread products

  • rye
  • wheat
  • rye-wheat
  • wholegrain
  • multigrain
  • special

Common baked goods

(rye, wheat, rye-wheat, whole grain, multigrain and special)

  • baguettes
  • buns
  • Kaisser-rolls
  • rhombic
  • buns

Fine pastry

  • sourdough – cakes, pies, pastries
  • puff pastry and shortcrust – turnovers, girdle, rolls, croissant, grid
  • filo pastry – turnovers, pastries, pies, bars
  • whipped and friction – marble cakes
  • Christmas cakes, sweet buns


Fried pastry

  • donuts
  • pockets

Special pastry

  • pizza
  • designed baguettes
  • designed rolls
  • stuffed croissants
  • lye products
  • packaged products


B) Products packaged in a protective atmosphere

  • baguettes
  • Kaisser-rolls
  • hot dog – MAP products


C) Non-perishable Products

  • teacake
  • wafers
  • pancakes
  • pretzels
  • pound cake
  • cookies
  • crackers


For complete information, product requirements and our services, please contact our sales department.