Service Trading s.r.o. offers a wide range of business services in relation to long-term functional and professional experience in the bakery industry in selling frozen bakery, cakes and vacuum packed product (MAP). It is one of the few companies that offers an individual approach designed to meet the requirements manufacturer, dealer and end customer. By default, its partners offer complete sophisticated individual solutions to minimize operating costs and maximum benefit for all parties.

With regard to local knowledge of local retail market with frozen bakery products, the company SERVICE TRADING s.r.o. focuses on negotiating commercial terms, sales promotion and related specifics.

We also offer the possibility of securing reciprocity to supply bakery, frozen bakery and non-perishable products, ensuring maximum efficiency of logistic costs, export / import. We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers of bakery ingredients.

We offer these and other services:

  • optimal selection of the sales network,
  • dealing with business partners (retail chains) in order to negotiate the optimum conditions for cooperation,
  • EDI communication,
  • ensuring exclusivity of supply at selected retail companies,
  • meeting with representatives of distributors in networks to obtain optimum conditions logistics serviceability and trouble to ensure continuity and efficiency of supply,
  • supervising optimization of inventories,
  • sales promotion via leaflets graduations and special promotions,
  • assistance in dealing with individual complaints,
  • assistance in training staff at the stores,
  • overseeing compliance processes and procedures,
  • monitoring market (mainly occupancy and conditions for presentation at the stores)
  • support the creation of new products and participate in their development.

We prefer to cooperate with the exclusive representative for the market, customers and products.

For successful cooperation, we defined the main requirements of our partners, which is mainly based on our long experience of the Czech retail market, as well as the specific requirements of our business partners and customers:

  • responsible contact person – prompt access to the solution of all requests
  • logistics and storage conditions and principles in relation deliveries according to INCOTERMS
  • contractual documentation – allergens solutions, nutritional value
  • certification requirements – IFS, BRC, ISO, HACCP
  • exclusive products, active approach when developing new products
  • B2B and EDI communication

Sufficient supplies, production capacity, or high demands on three fundamental attributes:

  • excellent price,
  • The highest quality
  • sufficient production capacity.

We believe that this type of cooperation can be mutually very profitable. Service Trading s.r.o. offers the possibility of a long-term business prospects in order to establish long-term and solid business relationships. Range of our services is broad and constantly expanding.

Let us express the guarantee of our potential cooperation.